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Block Cutters

The block cutters / stone splitters manufactured by ALMI in the Netherlands are available for rent. These block cutters are made by applying next-generation techniques to provide the best possible service to the customer and are available for rental basis with us.

These block cutters / Stone cutters are welded together using an automated welding cell. By using automated welding robots, that ensures the fabrication of high-quality products. All the products are developed to operate on a 24/7 working basis. This means all the block cutters have consistently high quality.

Skilled workers all around the world use ALMI Block Cutters / Stone Cutters. With a range of 20 different types of block splitters and cutters, ALMI has the right tool for every application.

ALMI block cutters are used in

  • Building construction - Limestone, Street paving, and Tiles
  • Building construction - Limestone, Street paving, and Tiles
  • Landscaping - Natural stone such as granite and basalt, Concrete blocks


Like higher productivity, longer economic life, no set-up & energy costs, No water consumption, No follow-up costs, such as wear and tear of diamond cutting disks.

Apart from that, the block / Stone cutters have the following practical advantages like;

  • Stones stay dry and can be used immediately
  • No baked-on dirt
  • No cables need to be plugged in, so they can be used anywhere
  • No carcinogenic stone rubble
  • No noise pollution
  • No stone dust
  • No personal injury risks

Energy-efficient operation with electro-hydraulic block cutters

ALMI has various models of Block cutters, from the smallest model AL 15 to Hydraulic heavy-duty block splitter with a max pressure of 40 tones which can be hired.

For any rental requirements for the black cutters / stone splitters, please contact us.

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