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Glass lifting robot

A glass lifting robot is a revolutionary concept used for safe, easy, precise and less labor-intensive handling of glass lifting.

These robots are equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology and holds the most salient features in the market.


  • Lifting height of up to 5.8mtr

  • Extension in front of the wheels 3.5 – 4.5mtr

  • Width as narrow as 650-690 mm

  • Capacity up to 1200 Kg

This lifting equipment is suitable for lifting glass, sandwich panels, metal sheets, or any other material for transportation or installation and is very useful for glaziers.

The glass lifting robots are serviceable, suitable for running outdoors as well as indoor, wireless (remote optional), and powerful front-wheel drive.

The newest technology and engineering, the Smart Group robot can lift higher, extend longer with more capacity.

For any rental requirements for the glass lifting glazing robot, please contact us.

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