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Vacuum concrete lifter

To handle/load small and large sized construction elements, it is essential to have a vacuum lifter.

Vacuum catchers enable the non-invasive lifting of pavement slabs, concrete pipes, curbs, palisades, or entire layers of cobblestone and other construction materials, thereby ensuring fast, comfortable and – importantly – safe and secure assembly.

The use of lifters enhances safety while also improving the quality of the works executed on the building site and therefore, we present to you Mickey from Catchshift, Poland.

Main advantages:

  • Easy assembly owing to its compact design (assembly by one person) and convenient transport.
  • Immediate suspension of transported elements (1 sec. For suction to the material).
  • Easy, jointless laying of concrete elements (all side edges remain free).
  • Light weight (weighs about 16kgs) and durable.
  • The highest standard of work safety and has been certified in accordance with the EN 13155 standard (no risk of injury, with spine protection).

Lifters are beneficial and can be deployed in Cobblestone (slabs, concrete slabs, paving slabs, unusual paving stones, curbs, etc.).

Available for daily, weekly, and monthly hires.

For any rental requirements for the Vacuum concrete lifter please contact us.

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