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Glass lifting & Sandwich panel lifting

Recent advancements in construction have introduced glass and sandwich panel lifters, revolutionizing the handling of these materials. Due to the increased activity in real estate and construction, ensuring the safety of workers during glass and panel handling has become paramount. Glass lifting and façade companies often prefer renting glass vacuum lifters and panel suction lifters from YES Automation, as it provides an adaptable and cost-effective solution, allowing them to enhance project performance without the need for significant capital investments.

There are several advantages of renting glass and panel lifting equipment from YES Automation.

Quick and easy installation -

Installing panels has become easier and quicker. You can now pick up and position panels faster and more accurately, speeding up installation. Only one person is required instead of two or three, saving on labor costs. Longer panels can now be lifted using a single lifter, ensuring safety during lifting.

Customized to meet the demands -

YES Automation has a wide range of glass lifters and panel lifters on hire that are considered the best in the industry, with a lifting capacity of 250 kgs up to 1500 kgs which can be configured to meet business needs. These lifters comply with high levels of safety standards, are battery powered and consist of an alarm system for indicating low vacuum in this manner ensures the lifters are safe and secure to use.

We offer flexible rental options to accommodate the unique needs of different projects. Whether it’s short-term or an extended construction project, customers can customize their rental agreements to align with project timelines, providing a level of adaptability that ownership cannot match.

Different types of glass or panels lifter available for hiring are:

  • Cladboy – CB4 with a lifting capacity upto 800kg.

  • Viavac – GB2 375 with a lifting capacity upto 375kg.

  • Viavac – GBL2 500 with a lifting capacity upto 500kg.

  • Viavac – GBX2 800 with a lifting capacity upto 800kg

Meets all the safety standards –

All our lifters meet the required safety standards such as CE and ASME and are considered top-notch by industry experts. These lifters are maintained and serviced on a regular basis to ensure they are ready to go for any ad hoc rental requirements.

Therefore, hiring glass and panel lifters has a strategic advantage for companies focused on glass and aluminum, contracting, construction and façade as it provides cost effective, less labour- intensive and safe solutions.

YES Automation offers flexible rental options to meet the client’s demands. We collaborate with renowned global brands, including Viavac from the Netherlands, to provide exceptional solutions to our clients.All the lifters are available for daily, weekly, and monthly hires. For any such requirements, please contact or call us on +971 50 211 8507.

For any rental requirements for Glass & Sandwich Panel Lifting & manipulations , please contact us.

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