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Pipe Beveling

Yes Automation offers Tri Tool’s Pipe cutting & Beveling equipment on Rental.

Tri Tool is the world's premier precision and portable machine tool manufacturing company that builds high-quality, precision tools for pipe, tube & welding machines. These machines from Tri Tools offer a complete line of pipe beveling, Tube squaring, Duct Welding Machines & Severing machines, Clamshells for in-line cutting, & Flange facing are available for hire.


With 6 models in our flagship 200 Series BevelMASTER® pipe beveling machines, along with several other portable machine tools and a variety of accessories that expand their cold pipe cutting and machining capabilities, Tri Tool can meet a broad range of requirements for beveling, counterboring, flange facing and single-point machining operations.


Our 600 Series SB, RBL and now TRIMAX clamshell cutters are the ultimate precision pipe cold cutting machines and a testament to our reputation. It is the ultimate platform for our wide range of accessories which deliver maximum performance for the most basic to the most intricate machining needs: in-line severing, beveling, counterboring, milling, facing, OD tracking, weld cladding removal, single point machining, template tracing, and socket weld removal.

TRIMAX® pipe lathes — Safest, most stable split frame lathe on the market today

Tri Tool’s SeverMASTER 500 Series tube cutting machines deliver that and more in a compact sized piece of equipment that provides ultra-precision and the flexibility to be customized.

Tri Tool’s 300 Series tube squaring machines are the perfect companion for autogenous orbital welding systems, delivering the high level of repeatable precision required by those systems for optimal weld results.

For any rental requirements for pipe beveling machines, please contact us.

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