The Benefits Of Rollers Hire For Small Businesses In UAE

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At times, it’s best to take welding rollers on rental rather than purchasing them for a wide range of reasons. Before we check into the benefits of hiring rollers for your business, let’s try to get a quick overview about rollers for those who are new to this field.

What are Pipe Rollers?

Among the numerous welding equipment available for projects, pipe rollers are considered as one of the most integral tools that help to create a more secure and consistent welding on workpieces. Pipe rollers work by holding the pipes to be welded firmly in their place during the welding process and thereby help to create a reliable and robust weld. Pipe rollers are also termed pipe welding rotators when they offer more benefits in welding like enhanced safety and perfection, increased productivity as well as cost effective solutions.

Benefits of Utilizing Welding Rollers

We discussed above about the robust and reliable welding achieved while using welding rollers. Apart from the uniform welding achieved with the help of welding rollers, it also ensures that the welding job is finished in a lesser time in comparison to jobs done without welding rollers. This is because the majority of the time is spent on fixing and positioning the pipes before the job starts. Utilizing welding rollers contributes to the quality of the welding. This is achieved through the reduction of distortion as a result of the heat during the welding process.

Why should you hire welding rollers for your business?

Machines and equipment available on hire offer a smart and appropriate alternative for businesses with project specific requirements. Welding rollers are usually utilized for jobs during the construction and maintenance stages. For short-term projects, purchasing welding rollers could be expensive. In such cases, opting to hire welding rollers/rotators provides immense advantages to enhance your bottom line, for a variety of reasons mentioned below.

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Exercise Cost Reduction

Purchasing high quality welding rollers / welding rotators could be expensive. Hiring welding rollers will equip your business with the latest model equipment and at the same time, will help you stay within the budget. Another advantage of hiring is that it will help you reduce the maintenance cost. For any upkeep, the rental company will be responsible. This will give your business have a better control over the project cost and timelines.

Flexible Contracts

The two great benefits that attract any business to hire welding rollers could be the flexibility and ease that rental companies offer. Rental provisions can be customized according to your needs and extra items to cover the shortfall can be out in short-term contracts. These options will be helpful for short projects or in situations where accessories are being purchased. Flexible contracts look convenient when there is variable peak demand. On the other hand, when your business requires welding rollers but lacks the funds, long-term contracts could be beneficial.

Storage Space

Requirements of storage areas will definitely add the overhead expense. Purchased equipment requires adequate storage space. Small businesses may often find it difficult to find storage space and this is where renting machines will help them to the core. Purchasing welding rollers will not only involve huge cost but also adds your maintenance and upkeep expenses.


Another major expense involved in projects handled by small businesses is the transportation cost of machines. Instead of the welding rollers being transported to different locations, rental companies can be requested to deliver them to the project site. It not only reduces the transportation cost, but also makes sure the machines are delivered safely and on time.

Hire-to Buy Benefits

Hire-to-buy options are available nowadays. Small businesses get the option to test machines like welding rollers without having to spend the money to purchase it at the beginning of a project. Small businesses get to try and test the machines at their convenience. This helps to minimize the risks associated with the purchase of machines that’s not suitable. In addition, this option helps to plan the budget of small businesses and eliminates the huge initial outlay.

Where can I rent welding rollers in the UAE?

After reading the whole article, this could be the next question that comes to your mind. When choosing to rent welding rollers or any machine, it’s ideal to choose a rental provider who provides high quality machines and at the same time offers flexible contracts and payment terms. This is why YES Automation remains the most recommended company for hiring machines in UAE and Middle East.

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