The Incredible Benefits Of Tube And Pipe Laser Cutting Machines In The Metal Cutting Industry

The Incredible Benefits Of Tube And Pipe Laser Cutting Machines In The Metal Cutting Industry

The biggest factor why the industries are attracted to laser cutting machines is due to their versatility. The fact is that the use of laser cutting machines is way more beyond than we think. Usually, people think laser cutting machines are used just for easy vertical cuts. In addition to the vertical cuts, they can be used for angle cutting, beveling, slotting, hole marking and notching.

Another reason that makes laser cutting popular is its diversity in cutting processes. With the incorporation of precision laser and CNC software, tubes and pipes in huge amounts can be processed quickly in different ways.

Another important feature seen in most of the laser cutting machines is its automatic loading and unloading along with alignment options. These options are most advantageous for shops that require multiple operations like cutting and notching. This helps them to save a considerable amount of time. Especially during tooling change.

Yet another reason why laser cutting machines are most preferred is the quality in cuts they offer. With the use of laser cutting machines, we see smooth and accurate cuts thereby producing exact outcomes. Since the end result is precise and exact, this reduces the requirement of grinding and deburring and the time spent for those processes. This will eventually contribute in the production speed. The precision received from CNC laser cutting machines also benefited in cutting, marking, notching, slotting and other processes the machine can perform.

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There is another overlooked feature of laser cutting machines and is nothing other than its ease in use. Tube and Pipe laser cutting machines that are available in the market today come with workspaces that are enclosed and intuitive software. This ensures more safety to the operator and at the same time they require less hand -on experience to perform accurate cuts.

While detailing the accuracy of laser cutting, the accuracy of cut contour can be as equal to 0.05 mm.

Since the cuts are free of burs, flat and fine, very little loss of material happens during the process.

Since the laser cutting process is a non-contact one, there is minimal heat-affected zone and zero distortion that happens.Mass manufacturing without any compromise to quality and accuracy can be achieved from laser pipe and tube cutting machines.


To make it short, laser pipe and tube cutting machines are mainly used in sheet metal industries, manufacturing lights, kitchenware, hardware, automotive industries and fitness equipment.

Achieving next level of freedom

Laser pipe and tube cutting machines have opened doors to easy and accurate cutting of complex geometric shapes in pipes and tubes. Along with it, these machines allow the accurately cur parts to be designed in various patterns and help create compositions through pipe diameter shapes and thicknesses of the walls.

What would be the future of laser pipe and tube cutting machines?

Being a non-contact process, there is a greater possibility of numerous advancements in laser pipe and tube cutting machine technology. There will be very little to zero pressure during the processing time of the wall of the pipes. It’s guaranteed that there won’t be any kind of collapse or any deformation that will occur. Also today there are a lot of options for you to hire such machines. Hiring will help you test and use the machine without having to spend too much on its purchase. Companies like YES Automation, UAE will help you with rental machines for all your machinery requirements. They have the latest models available with them and a large fleet as well.

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