Capacitor-Discharge Welding & its Importance

Capacitor-Discharge Welding machines for rents

Have you ever thought about the Capacitor-Discharge Welding or CD welding system?

Here, we will be discussing some helpful tips about that, such as Capacitor-Discharge Welding or CD Welding Tips.

What is a Capacitor-Discharge Welding system?

A Capacitor-Discharge Welding or CD Welding is the fastest form of resistance welding & utilizes capacitors to deliver power. In this welding system the capacitors are charged with a large amount of energy, and then this charged energy is rapidly released into the parts within milliseconds.

YES Automation offer’s CD stud welding machines with high strength, speed, and reliability from a simple process and welding system.

For a closer look at the steps in the capacitor discharge stud welding machine, the welding process occurs in 4 steps.

They are;

  1. Contact
  2. Ignition
  3. Placement (or ‘closing the Gap’)
  4. Completion of the Weld Bond

At first, the Stud Gun allows ‘contact’ with the material.

Then the CD gun is triggered passing the weld charge through the Gun, giving ignition of the stud at the stud tip.

At the third step, the “tip” melts, a small area of the material under the head of the fastener also starts to melt. The Capacitor Discharge gun forces the stud into the melted material, closing the gap between fastener and material, and “landing” the fastener properly.

In the last step, the stud is held in place as it instantly bonds together with the base material.

Checkout the basics and benefits of Stud Welding


  • Projection Welding
  • Weld nuts and fasteners
  • Advanced high strength steels
  • Coated steels


  • Uniform high Welding Quality
  • Requires no re-working on the other side of the weld
  • Requires no additional material such as flux, inert gas
  • Elimination Operations like drilling, riveting, etc
  • No leakages even when welding on containers
  • No air and water required
  • The machine can be run on a generator
  • Voltage fluctuation never effect
  • No blackish mark on the welded part
  • Cost of electrodeless


  • Weld counter
  • Fabricated frame structure for housing the capacitor bank, control circuits, and Welding Transformer
  • Conservative design and use of proven factors like the electrolytic capacitor, solid- state switches insure long welding life and ease of operation

Capacitor Discharge Welding Machines that are suitable to join small-diameter studs to thin base metals. 2-3 milliseconds are needed to complete a Capacitor-Discharge Stud welding cycle as thin as 0.02 inches. The short-time welding minimizes the amount of heat generated & penetration depth into the parent material making it ideal for welding smaller diameter ferrous non-ferrous studs on thin gauge base metals.

The stud or fastener can be welded on the reverse side of the coated or finished sheet with very little or no discoloration, distortion, or burning. Stud welding provides a high-quality joint that is strong and resists loosening or breaking.

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