The Importance of Cleaning During Covid-19

COVID-19 or Coronavirus is one of the most-heard and talked topics around all over the world. This epidemic made the world and people more conscious of cleanliness and personal hygiene. While this outbreak has instilled fear among all of the people, this pandemic has given us the opportunity to understand how a clean house or workplace can prevent the spread of diseases. Since coronavirus isn't an everyday virus, you would like to require advanced preventive measures to stay your family safe inside your home.

Tips to protect your home and family against COVID-19

  • Clean the Common Surfaces

Common surfaces or high-touched surfaces that contain most germs and viruses. So, it is important to clean and sanitize this area to avoid the transmission of viruses. You can use cleaning machines to rid the germs of those high-touch surfaces. Today, the market mushroomed with a wide range of cleaning machines that clean the surfaces while killing the germs on them in the commonplace including kitchen, bathroom, drawing, and other rooms.

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  • Disinfecting the right way

Sanitizing or disinfecting is worthless if not done the proper way. Before you start disinfecting, you must clean the surface by using the best cleaning machine. By using this manner, the disinfectant is going to be more powerful and it provides more protection from the microbes. There will be guidelines written on the bottle of disinfectant to get rid of germs effectively, follow them to disinfect within the right way.

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  • Follow a routine for disinfecting

You need to follow a daily and weekly cleaning and disinfecting routine for commonly using areas like the kitchen and bathroom to combat deadly viruses.

    Can COVID-19 be spread through surfaces?

Studies show that depending on the surface the coronavirus can remain on a body for hours or days. But there’s been very little documented evidence of people getting COVID-19 from any surfaces.So, while you don’t get to obsessively wipe down everything you touch or bring into your home, it’s still good to wash high-touch surfaces regularly.

If no one with COVID-19 has been in your home, then you should clean surfaces at least once a day with water and soap (or any detergent). It should be sufficient to remove any virus that’s on the surfaces. But if someone in your household or nearby your house is sick, then additional cleaning and disinfecting may be necessary. Especially those high-touch surfaces including doorknobs, handles, countertops, and light switches.

That additional cleaning and disinfecting are also recommended if:

There’s a high rate of COVID-19 cases in your community.:

  • You’re around a low number of people who wear masks.
  • Members of your household are practicing poor hand hygiene.
  • If some in a high-risk COVID-19 infection group lives in your household.
  • Washing or sanitizing your hands often can also help eliminate most germs you might pick up from touching a contaminated surface.

These were some basic cleaning practices to regulate the spread and transmission of coronavirus. If anyone in your home causes Covid positivity, then keep that person in a separate room, and arrange all day-to-day material separately for that person. For any rental requirements for the cleaning machines please contact Yes Automation.

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