Importance of Industrial Floor Sweeping Machines

Floor Sweeping Machines

Industrial Floor Sweeping machines are wheeled machines that mechanically and swiftly let you remove debris,dust and coarse dirt from different types of floorings.An industrial sweeping machine removes the non adherent dirt by the action of rotating brushes or through the combined effect of brushes and vacuum cleaners which gets collected in a debris hooper.

These sweeping machines are also known as floor sweepers.Floor sweeping machine is an essential tool for professional floor cleaning for both indoor and outdoor spaces.The industrial Floor Sweeping Machines are commonly used in industries, gas stations, warehouses, cleaning of pavements and streets and public spaces.It is used to remove free debris from the floors like small stones, leaves, small solid debris and dust of various sizes.

Types of Industrial Sweeping Machines

Industrial sweeping machines can be categorised depending on the type of power supply, the type of traction and the type of load.

The Type of Power Supply

Based on the power supply they are differentiated into:

a.Motorised sweepers

Motorised sweepers are powered by the internal combustion engines that run on petrol, diesel or liquid petroleum gas.They are highly efficient machine when it comes to the performance, therefore they are used mainly for cleaning outdoors.However, hybrid versions are also available that combine petrol engine with an electric unit attached to battery pack, which increases the working runtime with reduced power consumption.

b.Battery Powered Sweepers

Battery powered sweepers incorporate different types of batteries such as lead acid,AGM/gel or lithium ion.They come with the salient features of being silent and eco-friendly, which makes them an ideal choice of indoor cleaning.At the same time, they can also be used for outdoor environments due to the remarkable reduction in CO2 emission.

The type of traction

Based on the type of traction they categorised into:

a.Walk-Behind Sweepers

They are very compact and easy to manoeuvre which makes them easy to steer around hard to reach areas.They can be used both indoor and outdoor which are small to medium sized.They are most suitable for smaller and tighter spaces.They also offer excellent control and precision.

b.Ride-on Sweepers

They have a characteristic wide cleaning track and a higher filtration capacity.Therefore they provide greater coverage and speed which makes them ideal for industries, parking lots, warehouses etc.They can be used indoor and outdoors with medium to large areas.They have comfortable seating and easy controls, which makes them very convenient and efficient.

The Type of Load

Based on the type of load they are distinguished into:

a.Front Loading Sweepers

The front loading sweepers work on broom-dustpan principle.The central brush will move the dirt forward into the waste container which is situated at the front of the sweeper.They are used in heavy industries for collecting heavy dirt.

b.Rear Loading Sweepers

The rear loading sweepers, as the name suggests have central brush which moves the dirt backwards into the waste container which is situated at the rear of the sweeper.These machines are agile and easy to manoeuvre that are capable of collecting large quantities of light waste, which makes them ideal for commercial areas.

Benefits of using Floor Sweeping Machines

1.Swift Cleaning

Sweeping machines are quick and more efficient in carrying out the cleaning procedure than the traditional or manual methods like brooms and mopping.The conventional cleaning techniques are time consuming and tedious when compared to the sweeping machines.The floor sweeper lets you cover larger areas in a relatively less time which makes them suitable for bigger spaces like warehouse.

2.Efficient Cleaning

They are made of high powered engines and heavy duty deep cleaning brushes which help in attaining a high level of cleanliness at a significantly less time.Unlike manual cleaning, floor sweepers are capable of collecting the smallest particles due to their highly powerful suction system.

3.Cost Efficient and Durability

The long term benefits of floor sweepers surely does outweigh the initial investment costs.It aids in reducing labour costs and multiple cleaning products.Also,you don't have to spend extra money by hiring a cleaning company.Additionally, they are highly durable machines which require very low maintenance.The floor sweepers are built in such a way that they can be used to clean even in the harshest conditions and achieve efficient cleaning at the same time.If used properly they are expected to last for years.


Floor sweeper are very versatile and are able to clean various types of flooring like tiles,carpets and concrete.Depending on the size of the area and the type of debris one can choose the right type of machine to ensure maximum performance and achieve spotless surfaces.


The floor sweepers come with integrated filtration systems that can trap the allergens and dust, which helps in keeping the air cleaner.Most of the designs use less water and chemicals which encourage environmental friendly practices.


Floor Sweeping Machines make the task of cleaning large areas simpler by the process of automation.They are available in various models which suit different floor types and sizes, that makes them versatile to achieve superior cleaning.At Yes Automation, we offer a wide range of robust floor sweeping machines which are perfect solutions for heavy applications.They are designed to sweep everything like heavy dust, nuts, bolts, larger debris and broken bits of pallet, which makes them ideal for factories, warehouses, construction sites, car parks and many more.

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