Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Perfect for your Floors

Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Perfect for your Floors

We all are aware that cleaning an industrial facility is way more difficult than domestic cleaning. Industrial spaces will have different types of dirt and debris raised as a result of the complicated manufacturing and operating process.
Also, its very important to keep those workspaces extremely neat and clean as it will contribute to the health and safety of the laborers, also the dirt and dust shouldn’t interfere with the normal working of the facility.

Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Perfect for your Floors

Hence, it’s highly important to choose effective and efficient Industrial Floor cleaning machines that will serve the purpose.

A wide range of floor cleaning machines specially designed and developed for industries are available in today’s market. It includes sweepers, scrubber dryers, and polishers which will ensure deep cleaning of the spaces.
Since these machines are specially designed for industrial purposes, they will be heavy duty and highly durable. Let’s look at some of the most sought industrial floor cleaning machines designed with the most modern technology.

1. Cleaning Robots

More often than not, cleaning robots are designed with complex algorithms equipped with sensors and lasers which help to navigate through each and every point by measuring distance s and ensuring thorough cleaning. Patented technologies are available in the market which offer accurate cleaning and make it worth every penny paid.
These robots work efficiently in crowded areas with very little supervision and are specially designed to cover 1500sq.m per hour. These cleaning robots are best suitable for hospitals, universities, offices, train stations, shopping malls, warehouses, airports and industrial facilities.

2. Industrial Vacuum Cleaner – Wet And Dry

Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaners are suitable to use for both domestic and industrial spaces. It has a strong suction power and is portable and compact. They are powerful, robust and easy to use vacuum cleaners with less noise. These vacuum cleaners are normally extremely easy to use and are equipped with multi functions. Blending with various accessories, these wet and dry vacuum cleaners are suitable for your daily cleaning activities, vacuuming carpets, cleaning entrance mats, beds, upholstery and its capability to handle cleaning of any water spillages.

3. Sweeper Tool Carrier

When it comes to industrial cleaning, its not only about cleaning indoor places. The outside areas, be it roads, streets, pathways or the green area – cleaning all these spaces around industry is essential. Sweeper tool carriers are highly used to clean these places mentioned above and help you keep areas around your industries clean as well.
For example, a simple grass cutter when equipped with a 4-wheel drive powerful engine equipped with necessary accessories helps you to handle road sweeping, maintenance of grounds and any other cleaning operations to be carried out in winter. These machines can be customized with special attachments that will give you great results.

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4. Sweeping Machines

As we mentioned earlier, cleaning outdoor spaces is extremely important as cleaning indoor spaces be it industrial or domestic. Flexible and compact sweeping machines are available which can offer great road sweeping results. These industrial sweeping machines normally come with multi attachments that facilitate front brushes, sideway suction, rear grit suction units, oil removal attachments, and high pressure water cleaning systems. Clear and compact designed sweepers with capacities up to 4m3 offers exceptional cleaning of streets and alleys with very little effort.

5. Multi-Purpose Janitorial Trolleys

Health and Safety measures are highly important – be it industries or households. Hence the use of high-quality products is essential during housekeeping. Today specialized janitorial trolleys are available with reputed dealers like YES Automation which are designed by specialists after thorough research on housekeeping. These modular trolleys provide unmatched solutions at affordable prices erasing any difficulty a housekeeping professional may face during their work.

6. Air Purification Systems

Day-to-day deep cleaning of spaces is very much required when it comes to industrial cleaning as there will be a lot of residual wastes including chemical wastes when accumulated can pose threat to the health of the people involved. The same importance to how an industrial space is cleaned is given to measures taken for keeping the air clean. Lots of air purification mechanisms are available which will contribute to providing high quality air. Keeping the air clean helps prevent the laborers from getting any respiratory problems thereby contributing to employee productivity.
Air purification systems are normally designed using various cutting-edge technologies. This includes modeling of room air, visualization of airflow and other scientific testing. This will help them understand the challenges faced and thereby design the air purification systems best suited for that space.
The latest technology in air purification systems are the HEPA Air Purification systems which offers a 5-stage filtration process.
These air purifiers clean the air from viruses and bacteria, tobacco, pollen grains, hairs, toner dust etc.

7. Swimming Pool Cleaning Robots

Swimming Pool Cleaning robots are specially designed and delivered for the cleaning of industrial, commercial as well as residential pools. Automatic swimming pool cleaning robots are available which are capable of cleaning pools of more than 25m in length. These intelligent wizards are equipped with sensors to clean the swimming pool lane by lane. These robots considerably reduce the tedious work and time involved in manual cleaning. Also, these pool cleaning robots are capable of cleaning pools of any shape as well as diving pits if any.


Thanks to technology, a wide range of industrial cleaning machines and solutions are available. The key lies in choosing the right industrial cleaning machines from the most experienced and reliable brand. For heavy industrial cleaning machines, buying from reputable companies like YES Automation who offer good warranties for the machines as well and exceptional customer service is essential. Even though we discussed the various industrial floor cleaning machines available, the main factors to consider when buying a machine for your cleaning requirement are the space where you need to clean, the type of dirt, your budget, noise level etc. In addition to purchasing floor cleaning machines for limited use, there are options now to hire cleaning machines. Different types of cleaning machines can be hired at convenient payment terms for short and long term.

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