Kistler Programmable Pipe cutting machines: Review

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The KISTLER Machine Company History

Kistler Machine Company is a long-established family business engaged within the engineering, manufacturing of welding positioning, cutting systems for the welding trade, especially for pipe welding & cutting.

The KISTLER Machine Co. was founded in the year 1966 by senior engineer Roland Kistler. The company KISTLER is run by his son, engineer Alexander Kistler.

KISTLER will not only supply a large range of standard equipment such as positioners, turning rolls, manipulators, etc. And also design and manufacture automation equipment according to the customer's specific needs. Which makes KISTLER different from others.

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How does it work?

Pipe cutting & pipe profiling machines of the SCM range are used for pipe cutting and profiling in the industries as well as on-site works. The SCM plasma pipe cutting machines are equipped with two PLC-controlled axes which enable the machine to chop pipes in conjunction with a plasma or oxy-fuel torch. The workpiece is clamped by a driven chuck (First axis), then the torch is moved over the pipe (Second axis). Optional, a third controlled axis can be added to enable the machine to bevel end cuts (straight, miter & branches). All programming is menu-driven; the machine is, therefore, operates easily.

PLC-Controlled Pipe Cutting Machines types;

  • SCM 300
  • SCM 400
  • SCM 630
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Advantages of monitoring systems from Kistler:

  • Programmable step chains (sequences)
  • Sensors with overload protection
  • Wide measuring range
  • Straightforward retrofitting


  • Used for pipe cutting and profiling in the workshop as well as on site.

It is best to rent a pipe cutting machine instead of purchasing one.

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