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Simple Steps To Deep Clean Your Floor

Floors tend to get dirty more compared to any part of a home or even industry. Floor cleaning has become a must task that has to be done at frequent intervals since stains, crumbs, and dust will get accumulated more on floors. And we can't ignore a dirty floor in your home because it is where you and your family like so it has to be a happy and healthy space. So there is no other way than to clean it regularly.

Traditional floor cleaning remedies are time and energy consuming but in today’s fast-paced world, there are many options to make your floor cleaning easy. There are many floor cleaning machine models with different specifications in different price ranges available in the market. You just have to buy one according to your budget and requirement.

Simple Steps To Deep Clean Your Floor

Your home can be broomed and mopped frequently, but they need once in a while deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is definitely a time-consuming one. You can go for the traditional way of cleaning if you think you can afford any floor cleaning machines or if you think that it is a waste of money.
But if you have the option to clean your home better with a floor cleaning machine then why do you need to tire yourself by using traditional methods?

Before deciding how to clean the floor you should know what type of floor you are going to clean. For deep cleaning, you might need to use chemicals apart from a sweeper, vacuum, mop, sponges, etc. Each flooring might need a different treatment. The only precaution we should take is, it shouldn't be harmful to both humans and the flooring. Let's learn different kinds of flooring and what are the steps to clean each type of flooring.

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Kitchen Floors

I will suggest cleaning your kitchen daily if you are more like a cooking person and you are a person who spends more time in the kitchen for household purposes. Compared to other floors kitchen floors are difficult to be cleaned, because the kitchen floor tends to accumulate greasy oily dirt, dust, stains, and other spills.
Castile soap and an olive oil-based cleaner can remove your floor stains in the kitchen. And if the floor is hardwood and tile floors then mix Castile soap and an olive oil-based cleaner in warm water to clean. While cleaning mix diluted castile soap with a microfiber mop, this is enough to remove the stain.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have a tendency to get warp if exposed to too much water. So before mopping, it's always good to sweep or vacuum the floor. And while moping use a spray bottle on which water is mixed with castile soap and lemon or rosemary essential oil. By using the spray bottle lightly spritz the floor and thoroughly wipe it with a microfiber mop. whichever chemical you use, just keep in mind to select the best one which will suit hardwood floors.

The other problem with the hardwood floor is that, even though the floor looks gorgeous, we are not supposed to clean it frequently with water, as it will damage the texture of the hardwood. If you have pets and more foot traffic in your home, depending on that only you can decide How often you can clean your hardwood floors. Polyurethane and wax are the common two types of hardwood finishing.

Compared to Wax finishing, urethane, polyurethane, or polyacrylic coated floor protect stains and water damage. waxed wood floors can only be swept, dust mopped, or vacuumed regularly since even a small amount of water can damage the floor. In hardwood floors, polyurethane-coated floors are easy to manage. Mix mild or pH-neutral soap with water and barely damp the microfiber mop in that want and do a quick moping. This will work.

Tile Floors

For tile floors, acidic ingredients like ammonia are not suitable, because there is a chance that it can discolor the tile. Cleaning tile floors are really easy, mix all-purpose cleaner in warm water to mop it. Before that, you need to broom or vacuum the floor so that the dry debris is collected and then you can use the mop to wipe off any spills.

Carpeted Floor

There are many products designed only for cleaning carpets and that too especially for spot treating. Avoid using laundry products to clean the carpets, since laundry product produces a lot of lather, it takes time and a lot of water to ring the carpet. And in case any cleaning agents didn't get removed completely then they will serve as dirt magnets. And there are small things you can be careful about before entering the carpeted area you can always try to remove your shoes outside the door so that the carpet won’t get dirty frequently and also will avoid accumulating germs and bacteria.

Stone Floor

Let it be any floor type it is always suggested to sweep or vacuum your floor frequently. Like tiles avoid using acidic ingredients like ammonia or bleach on the stone floor, as it could damage your stone floor. Also, don't use vinegar to clean stone floors for the same reason. Not to react adversely to the minerals in natural surfaces, it is suggested to mop your sealed stone floors with pH-neutral, non-chelating cleaner.

And if it is an unsealed stone floor then just mop it with a microfiber mop and hot water. It is always good to avoid using chemicals as there is a chance that they could penetrate the stone. Still, if you see some stubborn dirt then it is good to use a steam cleaner.

Laminate Floor

The laminated floor is made of synthetic material. For people who want to give their floor a wooden or natural stone look then this is the substitute because they are cheaper than hardwood floors. But because of their delicate nature, they have to be cleaned carefully. If there are any spills, grime or stain happens on the laminated floor, it is better to clean it on the spot using a product that is suitable for laminated floors. Here also bleach will affect adversely.
You can use a dry dust mop to clean daily if necessary. Abrasive cleaning can cause scratches or dings, especially cleaning like brooming. Using excess water to clean them will result in the warp of the material over time. But the good part of laminated floor is that if carefully maintained then it will always give a new-like look for years. Polishing is not recommended on the laminated floors, the only thing you can do is replace it if you found any damage.

Cork Floor

Cork floor will give a naturally gorgeous look, but the problem is its water-absorbing capacity is drastic. Even though they come in the sealed form you still need to be careful about water. It is always recommended to vacuum the cork floor to prevent scratching. Experts suggest that to wipe the spills as soon as possible and wash them once a week.
Vinegar and soapy water are considered good solutions compared to commercial cleaning products for cleaning cork floors. Spray a mixture of vinegar and soapy water on a section of the floor at a time and wipe with a damp microfiber mop as you go.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is considered more sustainable and beautiful. And unlike hardwood, strand bamboo flooring is considered softer and prone to nicks and scratches. Strand bamboo flooring is the hardest, most durable type available in bamboo. They also need extra care while cleaning, as regular cleanings like sweeping up dirt and debris won't work in bamboo flooring. It is suggested to use the same method as hardwood flooring to clean.

Linoleum Floor

Linoleum Flooring has to be treated as cork floor. original linoleum is made from linseed oil, limestone, cork dust, wood fiber, and resin and colored with mineral pigments. They are resilient and have to be treated as natural flooring. A mixture of dish soap and hot water has to be spritzed on a section of the floor at a time and then wipe with a damp microfiber mop.
After moping please don't forget to air-dry your floor immediately. If you still feel sticky then it is advised to swipe it with another clean, damp microfiber mop.

Vinyl Floor

The spritz-and-dry mop technique will work best in vinyl floor cleaning. A mixture of vinegar, dish soap, and warm water has to be sprayed on the floor on each section at a time and wipe with a damp microfiber mop as you go. Use steam cleaner for periodic deep cleaning, it will help you to remove stains and bacteria. So it is easy to maintain the vinyl floor.

Final Thoughts On Simple Steps To Deep Clean Your Floor

You always have the option to break the process of deep cleaning down into smaller, more manageable tasks. You don't have to consider deep cleaning as a hard job anymore. There are many floor cleaning machines options so that you can make this process easy.

YES Automation is the best floor cleaning machinery supplier in UAE who can guide you through. Please visit our showroom to get more information and advice on floor cleaning machines and their working.

Frequently Asked Questions On Simple Steps To Deep Clean Your Floor

What are the processes that deep cleaning should include?
While deep cleaning, each nook and corner, cranny, and hard-to-reach area should be scrubbed, dusted, or vacuumed. Along with that get rid of all clutter, clean your appliances, and disinfect them. Organize your wardrobe, cupboards, drawers, and closets, and also take care of things that are broken or missing home elements.
How often you should deep clean your home?
Deep cleaning is usually suggested to do once or twice a year especially when you move in or out of a place. Deep cleaning will help you to preserve the integrity of your paint, trim, furniture, and appliances and also eliminate allergens, dust, and mildew. But it is always advised to deep clean your house not the least of which is having a fresh start.
Is there any difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning of a home?
Regular cleaning is done mostly every day, weekly once, or can be once in 2 weeks, it depends on the mentality of the people and the dirt accumulated on the floor, which involves wiping surfaces, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and general tidying up your whole home. On the other hand, deep cleaning is done yearly once or twice to eliminate hidden and all other dirt, grime, dust, and other gunk that accumulates over time.

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