Why YES Automation?

YES Automation

YES Automation, a leading Machinery Equipment Rental company in UAE. The company is a collaboration between YES Machinery (a machinery trading company based in UAE), and KISTLER (a renowned German company known for its welding & cutting automation technology).

Initial plan of YES Automation was to start with Kistler products for the rental business, however reciprocating to the market needs YES Automation expanded soon to other products, which increased the fleet diversity in rental machinery.

The company listens to all needs in machinery equipment and offers the right engineering solutions. All the products and solutions from YES Automation are backed by a strong service team that supports through a contract team. The service team is also available to help the client to execute the job if so desired by the client.

As experts in factory automation, the company provides:

#1. Glass & Panel Lifting Machines

Provides best quality glass lifting and sandwich panel lifting equipment manufactured by Principal Viavac, Netherlands. These Ideal glass lifting tools are used for simple, safe, and damage-free installation of glass and sandwich panels.

#2. Glass Lifting Robots

The company offers the best glass lifting robot from the Smart Group that is suitable for lifting glass, sandwich panels, metal sheets, or any other material for transportation or installation and is very useful for glaziers.

#3. Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Machines

YES Offers the best quality industrial vacuum cleaning machines manufactured from Wieland Lufttechnik, Germany for rent. These vacuum cleaning machines used to recover all kinds of dust, and dirt in metallurgical plants, steel mills, foundries, etc.

#4. Welding Rotators

High-quality, and highly performing Kistler welding rotators/rollers manufactured in Germany are available on rental. As per the need, the company also provides Pipe Rotators/Rollers ranging from 10 tons to bigger capacities.

The company provides both conventional and self-aligned Tank Rotators that are available on hire.

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#5. Stud Welders

Provides a complete collection of the best stud welding machines manufactured by HBS Germany.

    Stud Welding machines from Yes Automation;

  • Ranging from CD welding machines to weld studs up to 10 mm dia.
  • Drawn Arc Models to Shear Stud welding machines to weld up to 25 mm dia.
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#6. Pipe Bevelling Machines

YES Automation offers Tri Tool’s Pipe cutting & Beveling equipment on Rental . Tri Tool is the world's premier precision and portable pipe beveling equipment, that builds high-quality, precision tools for pipe, tube & welding machines.

#7. Pipe Profile Cutting Machines

YES automation provides Kistler Programmable Pipe cutting machines manufactured in Germany are available for rent. Pipe profiling machines are used for pipe cutting and profiling in the workshops as well as on-site.

#8. Mobile Strapping Machines

The mobile strapping system that is available with us on a rental basis is manufactured by Ergopack, Germany. These systems consist of different sized pallets that can safely, and comfortably be strapped with plastic straps – standing upright, without bends, and walking around the pallet.


  • Shipping Industries
  • Logistics Divisions

#9. Block Cutting Machines

The lock cutters/stone splitters b manufactured by ALMI in the Netherlands are available for rent. These block cutters are made by applying next-generation techniques to provide the best possible service to the customer and are available for rental basis with us.

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#10. Vacuum Concrete Lifter

It is essential to have a vacuum lifter to handle pavement slabs, concrete pipes, curbs, palisades, or entire layers of cobblestone and other construction materials. YES Automation presents the best vacuum lifter Mickey from Catchshift, Poland for rent.

#11. Cleaning Machines

Cleanliness has always been an important factor and it becomes more crucial in this current Covid-19 pandemic situation. Now YES Automation introduces a new Cleaning machine for rent, that’s right presenting the best in Swiss quality cleaning machines in UAE – Cleanfix.

Different Types of Cleaning Machines from Yes Automation are;

  • Dry Vacuum Cleaner
  • Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Scrubber Dryers
  • Ride-on Scrubber Dryers
  • Single Disc Machines
  • Sweeper Machine

#12. Swimming Pool Cleaning Machines

Maintaining hygiene in pools should be of at most importance to avoid accidents, diseases, and infections and therefore it is highly recommended to have the pools cleaned on a regular basis.YES Automation presenting fully automated swimming pool cleaning robot Clubliner plus, from Mariner 3S, Switzerland.

All the products from YES Automation will help to do your job smarter, automated, and maximize your productivity. Not only Machinery equipment rental service, but also YES offers repair & service of machinery equipment at an affordable rate everywhere in UAE.

To know how YES Automation do that, write to us at sales@yesautomation.ae or call us on: +971 502118507

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