4 Must-Know Safety Tips Before Operating a Vacuum Lifting Machine

Safety Tips Before Operating a Vacuum Lifting Machine

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Vacuum Lifting machines are an integral constituent required for the successful deployment and completion of glass or panel lifting works in construction projects. Meanwhile, considering the size, shape, and layout of the glass sheet or panel, it serves as a potential risk when safety protocols aren’t put in place while lifting a vacuum. But to keep the protocols in check you can refer to these 4 safety tips that are critical to the ideal operation of a vacuum lift. Implementing these safety tips in the right way can help avert accidents, substantial damage, and liabilities.

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  • Clean the base and circumference

During the time of working of the vacuum lifting equipment, the circumference and base of the machine must not be surrounded by a single person, because no one gets injured when there is a chance for an accidental tool drop or any other accident.

  • Deploy experienced and well trained mechanics

Onboarding trained or well-experienced mechanics in the operation of electric vacuum lifters or vacuum lifters who adhere to safety measures and possess relevant knowledge on the same can preserve the safety of the construction projects. Analyzing the skills of every employee prior to recruiting with practical assignments can help the probable backlogs and address them way before final disposal on the field.

  • Control the weight limit

Each vacuum lifter has its weight capacity. If there is a slight increase in the maximum load capacity, this may cause it to turn upside down and the glass panel may be destroyed. To avoid such mischances, the operator should always calculate the weight of the machine and the panel he/she wants to lift. Either way, the vacuum lifter doesn’t allow heavy panel liftings.

  • Deploy on equal ground

Placing the glass lifting robots on even ground and a firm foundation can warrant safety for both the operator and the employer working on site. To achieve steadiness, the right usage of brakes can work wonders even on uneven grounds, but operating these lifters on rough and uneven grounds should be avoided at all times.

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