How To Choose The Right Swimming Pool Cleaning Machine For Your Pool

How To Choose The Right Swimming Pool Cleaning Machine For Your Pool

It is your responsibility to keep your pool cleaned for better longevity, fewer costly repairs, and maintain sanitary and safe water. It doesn't matter if you have a commercial or private pool, pool cleaning is a part of hygiene. Even though traditional pool cleaning is outdated nowadays, there are pool owners who still depend on them instead of most modern Swimming Pool Cleaning Machines like Automatic Pool cleaners and Robotic Pool Cleaners.

Every pool will have a circulating water filtration system and pool cleaner work additional to help remove clinging dirt and algae that can’t be captured by the built-in system. Pool vacuum cleaners are considered an effective way to clean the pool.
There are some Factors you should consider before buying a pool cleaning machine. And before that, you should know about different types Pool-Cleaning Systems like Manual Brushing, Handheld Pool Vaccum, Automatic Suction (Suction-Side) Vacuums, Pressure Pool Vacuum, and Robotic Pool Cleaners. To decide on a pool cleaning system we should know what kind of pool you have got.

9 Factors You Should Consider Before Choosing A Pool Cleaning Machine

  • 1. STYLE

Each different style of pool cleaner has its own specific functions. Four different styles of pool cleaners include suction side, pressure side, robotic, and solar powered. The hose and the pool’s filtration system are the main factors that Suction side cleaners are relied on, pressure-side cleaners use turbulence to dislodge the dirt efficiently, the microchips and motors are the main components of robotic cleaners, and to skim the dirt away from the surface of the pool solar powered cleaners are used.
Always try to seek the help of a professional while selecting a pool cleaner and that’s why you should consider Yes Automation while choosing the best Pool cleaning machine.


The other factor to consider before buying Pool Cleaning Machine is the quantity of dirt and debris that your pool collects. If your pool is situated inside a garden where there are a lot of trees then there is a chance that your pool tends to collect a lot of leaves, and a smaller pool cleaner can’t provide you with a better solution for this problem. Because smaller pool cleaners can only collect sand kind of small particles. You will need a powerful suction system to collect larger dirt and debris.

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  • 3. POOL SIZE

Always try to avoid time-intensive methods of cleaning for your larger pool. Whether it's suction, pressure, or robotic, an automatic pool cleaner is always good if you have a bigger pool. If you are considering building a large pool then you can consider installing a built-in in-floor vacuum system which will make your cleaning wAnd if the pool is small then you don't have to invest in a costly automatic pool cleaner.


If you are a person who likes physical workouts or activities then you don't have to invest a lot in a pool cleaning machine, even a simple, inexpensive pool brush, and debris net could be all you need to scrub your pool manually. But if you are a lazy person or you have no time for cleaning and maintenance tasks, it is always advised to go for a pool cleaning machine, especially the automatic one like a robotic pool cleaner.


While choosing a pool cleaning, you should always consider the maintenance cost of that particular cleaner. A branded cleaning machine’s spare parts and maintenance expenses will always cost you high. So buying one always depends on the affordability of its maintenance. Automatic pool cleaners will always save you time and effort but likewise, their maintenance cost will also be high. You will get all kinds of information about the parts and maintenance you need for the pool cleaner, always take it into consideration while buying a pool cleaner. And yes, it’s better to take experts’ advice too.


Always consider your pool shape while buying a pool cleaner, because this is something we all tend to count out. Pools can be of different shapes like rectangles, squares, round, or any unique shape (kidney-shaped or even no shape at all). And some pool cleaners will be best for curved shapes. We have to use different models of pool cleaners for steps, Sharpe angles, corners, etc.


There are different methods to construct Swimming Pools. Different materials used to construct pools are concrete, vinyl, tile, Pebble-Crete, etc which have different properties. These different properties will affect the performance. Considering the maintenance cost and the suitability we have to carefully select a pool cleaning machine.


How deep is your pool? This is something we neglect when buying a Swimming Pool Cleaning Machine. Do you have an in-ground pool or an above-ground swimming pool? To clean an in-ground pool (deep pools), your pool cleaner is required to have a long hose to clean the deep bottom of the pool. You have to consider buying a conveniently long and durable pool hose that is long enough to cover the deepest pools.

  • 9. PRICING

Pricing can include the cost of the swimming pool cleaning machine as well as the maintenance cost that the pool cleaner going to incur in the future. You have to consider all costs of that cleaner before buying one. There is a lot of pool cleaner brands and models in the market you can buy any brand or model according to your budget.
If you have set a high budget for that then it is recommended to buy an Automatic swimming pool cleaning machine for your pool, this will make your work easy and it won't consume a lot of time to clean the pool. And if you have only a low budget then go for the basic pool cleaners.

Conclusion On How To Choose The Right Swimming Pool Cleaning Machine For Your Pool

There are a lot of amazing brands and models you can avail of in pool cleaning machines, but finding the perfect one according to your requirement is a task especially when you are not that knowledgeable about the pool cleaner. You can do a lot of research before buying a pool cleaner or you can also avail of the service of professionals who are experts with cleaning products and machines.

But instead of depending on a cleaning service to clean your pool, it’s comparatively cost-effective to buy an efficient Pool Cleaner. Yes Automation has a list of Swimming pool cleaning machines that you can consider from a variety of brands and models. We also have professionals who can suggest and advise you on the best pool cleaner according to your requirements and budget. YES Automation is one of the best Cleaning products and machine distributors in UAE. Please call for more information.

Frequently Asked Question On How To Choose The Right Swimming Pool Cleaning Machine For Pool

  • 1. Suction or pressure pool cleaner, which is the best choice?

It is always better to choose pressure-side pool cleaners than suction-side pool cleaners. Even though Suction Side pool cleaners are cheaper compared to pressure-side pool cleaners, the work efficiency is more in pressure-side pool cleaners since they are powerful cleaner that does an excellent job of picking up debris.

  • 2. Do you think automatic pool vacuums are worth it?

Without any doubt, you can say that automatic pool vacuums are 100% worth compared to any other cleaning machines. This is the best investment you can consider if you have a pool. Depending on the size of the pool an automatic swimming pool cleaner can clean a normal pool within about three hours.

  • 3. Robotic pool cleaner Vs automatic suction pool cleaner.

In order to pull water through their system and pick up debris like leaves and dead insects, an automatic suction pool cleaner uses the power of your existing pool pump and a robotic cleaner uses electricity to work and is also self-contained. Robotic pool cleaners don't require the help of a pool system to work like a suction pool cleaner.

  • 4. How frequently you should clean your pool with a robot?

In winter we use the pool less, so if it’s kept well closed, you only have to clean it once a month for good measure. But summers are different, we use the pool more frequently than the winter. That time we have to clean the pool at least twice a week. Cleaning your pool will always depend on the frequency of your pool use. And it is always better to close your pool if not used.

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