18 Pool Cleaning Equipment For Cleaning Business

18 Pool Cleaning Equipment For Cleaning Business

It's the best time to start a cleaning business because the world is moving fast, and no one has time to spare for cleaning. Especially pool cleaning is a time taking task which needs special attention. This is the main reason why pool owners are depending on pool cleaning services. This also has increased the demand for cleaning service companies.

18 Pool Cleaning Equipment For Cleaning Business

So, if you are planning to start a cleaning business it is necessary to know about the pool cleaning process. This blog will give you some idea about the cleaning equipment and other things you will need for cleaning before starting a cleaning business.

Are You Thinking To Start A Cleaning Business?

Since every pool owner should ensure a well-cleaned and well-maintained pool to make it functional. A pool can get dirty due to harmful algae, Too Much Chlorine, a Clogged Pool Filter, Poor Circulation, etc. For effective pool cleaning, we should possess all efficient pool cleaning equipment.

Here lies the scope for the cleaning business. Cleaning businesses are getting more popular and successful day by day because most os pool owners are depending on cleaning companies. In today's fast-paced world who has time to dedicate to pool cleaning? Pool cleaning is a time taking process and sometimes it can be costly too.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Machines have become an essential part of cleaning pools. Whether it is a commercial pool or a private pool, pool cleaning machines will make our cleaning process easy. Do all pool owners know the best cleaning system for a pool? Most commercial pool owners might know, but some private pool owners might have no idea about all the pool cleaning systems.

Among all pool cleaning machines, automatic swimming pool cleaning machines are the best and the most effective machine. Is a swimming pool cleaning robot worth it? The answer is YES. They are worth each of your penny. Because they are capable to give you 100% satisfaction. They are easy to use and will make our work easy.A clean pool not only keeps the dirt away but also will give longevity to the pool, Fewer costly repairs, Maintains sanitary and safe water, Improves aesthetics, Better operation, better functionality, Improves the value of your home, and More enjoyment from regular use.

The essential equipment, tools, and chemicals that are needed for a cleaning business to keep the pool clean and secure are;

  • 1. Pool Brushes

A pool cleaning brush is a must-have tool in every premise where there is a pool. To clean the pools you will need a set of different shapes and sizes of pool brushes. To reach each corner of the pool it is essential to have these brushes. These brushes are capable to remove the algae and dirt that accumulates on the surfaces of pool walls and pool floor.

It is always good to use dual scrubbing brushes with stainless steel bristles because of their durability. These kinds of brushes can expose to a lot of pool chemicals. Brushes can be used for routine cleaning to heavy-duty acid washes. We have to choose the best pool brush for the right surface, this will avoid damaging the pool.

There are brushes with telescoping poles that provide a long reach, while smaller, hand-held brushes make thorough work of corners or tiny spaces. And compared to stainless steel or a combination of bristle materials, brushes with nylon bristles or poly bristles provide safe, scratchless cleaning.

  • 2. Leaf Rakes

Leaf rakes are used to remove leaves and debris from the water which are also considered an essential tool. There are leaf rakes that have a telescopic pole attached to the pool net. This will help to gain access to all depths of the pool. Expert pool technicians know how to use them efficiently.

  • 3. Skimmers And Baskets

Skimmers and baskets will help to trap debris before the water heads to the pool’s pump and filter because a pool’s circulation and filtration system depend on pool skimmers. So it is always best to choose the right skimmer for the right pool design.

  • 4. Telescoping Poles

The telescopic pole will help us to cover the whole ground swimming pool surface without any difficulties. These poles will skim any debris or leaves instantly from the pool and they are used for brushing and vacuuming the pool floor too.

Telescopic poles are the most frequently used and important tools in your pool cleaning system. So always try to select the best telescoping pole for the best results. In the pool cleaning business, they are considered bread and butter since they will help your team members to cover the whole ground swimming pool surface without any difficulties.

  • 5. Vacuums/Automatic Pool Cleaners

There are pool vacuum cleaners which are considered powerful tools to clean the pool. They are good at sucking the debris out of the water and sediment from the bottom of the pool. These vacuums have flexible heads that allow thorough cleaning.

If you have large pools to clean it is always better to depend on Automatic pool cleaners compared to the traditional cleaning method. Because they are effective in cleaning large pools and are much faster and simple to operate.

They include Suction cleaners that use the pool’s main pump and filter and hook up to the skimmer or suction line and clean. The second one is pressure cleaner which moves around the pool and collects debris in a bag by using return water from a booster pump.

The third type of Automatic cleaner is the Robotic cleaner which uses a built-in motor for the movement and suction at the same time filters the water. Robotic cleaners are expensive equipment but are capable to prolong the life of the swimming pool’s pump and filter.

When it comes to Automatic pool cleaners, you can trust the service of YES Automation. YES Automation is one of the best cleaning machine providers in GCC.

  • 6. Muriatic Acid To Clean The Filter

Do you know which is the most crucial part of the pool? It is the pool filters as they require servicing in intervals so that you can utilize your pool effectively. Filters catch dirt, debris, and other particles after a certain period of time, so they need your attention.

It is always recommended to clean the pool filter for at least a month for smooth functioning. If you are leaving it unattended then that can impact the pressure of the pool’s system and can even lead to premature failure of the filter.

Pool filters are a very crucial component present in the pool and require servicing so that it’s always enjoyable and fun to swim in the water. And here comes the importance of muriatic acid, also known as hydrochloric acid. Because they are the best solution to remove algae, iron, calcium carbonate, or other minerals from the filter.

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  • 7. Water Testing Kits

There are situations where even after full pool cleaning there are chances for algae growth, and there you need to give your complete attention. We have to conduct a full in-depth analysis in such a situation so that you can provide the right solution. This is why we need a water testing kit that can give a much more detailed report. To check the chemical composition there are two most popular tests; DPD tests, and OTO-phenol tests. With DPD tests we can measure chlorine, pH, stabilizer, alkalinity, and hardness. While with OTO-phenol tests we can measure chlorine and pH. Even though these tests are time-consuming, they are worth every second. And this makes water testing kits important as one of your pool cleaning equipment.

  • 8. Pumps

There are some pools that regulate energy-efficient pool pumps when it comes time for a replacement. Pool pumps ignite the circulation of water and this enables the distribution of chemicals or other sanitizers throughout the pool. The flow needed to circulate water and direct it through the filter is created by the Pool pumps, Pool pumps can be categorized into three and they are; The pumps come with a single speed that performs at one constant speed, Pumps with dual speed that runs at high or low speed, and the pump that has a variable speed that is the quietest and most energy-efficient that can also operate at several speeds.

  • 9. Valves

Pool water will get cleaned before directing it back into the pool when pool water circulates through the filter. This is enabled through Pool valves. There are different Pool valves like diverter valves, isolation valves, and check valves. There are many variations within the categories to meet customers’ unique pool designs.

  • 10. Hoses and Hose Cuffs

Even though vacuum hoses are something simple that we miss checking, they place an important role in cleaning a pool perfectly. Vacuum hoses come in different lengths. The hose cuff is used to hook up the hose to vacuums with hose cuffs. To drain and remove pool water from the filter Reinforced- vinyl backwash hoses are good to use.

  • 11. Pool Filters

There are mainly 3 kinds of pool filters; Sand filters, Cartridge filters, and Diatomaceous earth (DE) filters. Sand filters are considered the most affordable and essential periodic backwashing. As the pool’s pressure pushes water through the sand, it purifies by trapping particles. Cartridge filters always need periodic cleaning. As water passes through the filter, Cartridge filters trap debris. Diatomaceous earth (DE) filters as it passes over filter grids coated with diatomaceous earth, they clean the water. They also need periodic backwashing.

  • 12. Chemicals and Balancers

Do you know the pH level a pool water should contain? It is a pH level of 7.2-7.8 that pool water should remain and this is as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Applying chemicals without excessive corroding of pool and equipment is a balancing act between effective germ elimination. For this, you should have proper knowledge of the exact levels and distribution of pool cleaners. Each chemical has an exact measurement to be added. Adding chemicals like chlorine will help to destroy algae and bacteria. Chlorine is usually used in water sources as a sanitizer. Using it in the pool will help to remove contaminants in the water to ensure safe swimming. Even though we follow standard chlorine application amounts, there are some jurisdictions that may enforce their own health codes. Because in shock treatment the level of chlorine is used higher than the normal amount to destroy algae and bacteria. Another chemical that can be used in pools is bromine which works in a higher pH range and is an alternative to chlorine. It is effective to use in spas and hot tubs where there is stability in warmer temperatures. To ensure water remains properly balanced there are Water balancers which include chemicals to control pH, alkalinity, and calcium. In outdoor pools, the stabilizer will help to stabilize the chlorine.

  • 13. Algaecide

Algae are a great concern for pool owners because they will make the pool unusable. Algaecide is specially made to destroy Algae growth in the pool. Algaecide is a great remedy to encounter algae in pools because it doesn't require too much work. It affects processes inside the algae like stopping photosynthesis or provoking an explosion of algae cell walls, it is an effective chemical used to kill and prevent algae growth. Since algae is a common problem of any pool algaecide is a very beneficial equipment in the water cleaning process.

  • 14. Salt Systems

Salt systems function generally as a chlorine-generation system. Chorine is produced when water passes through a salt cell and undergoes an electrolysis process. As water cycles through the pool, the system continues to clean. Salt systems are safe to use as they are less harsh on skin and clothing compared to chlorine.

  • 15. UV Sanitizers

UV light rays are used to sanitize the pool water. This technology allows the UV light rays to disrupt the DNA of bacteria, viruses, algae, and other microorganisms. Adding to that it is capable to get rid of the unwanted chlorine byproducts in the pool.

  • 16. Water Testers

Water tester is something we can't avoid if we have pools. Effective pool maintenance will only be possible if that pool is physically clean and also by maintaining chemical composition. A well-maintained pool should be safe from bacteria and infections. But how you can check the chemical component in the pool? This is when you will need water testing strips. They are used to measure the total hardness, pH, alkalinity, calcium, chlorine, bromine, cyanuric acid, and total dissolved solids, ensuring proper adjustments to keep pool water clean and safe. It will allow you to test the pool water on a regular basis to maintain proper water balance. To find out the chemical composition you just have to dip the strip in the water for about 15-20 seconds and when you take it out compare the reading. This is how you can use the strip. You can avail of these water testing strips easily at your nearest testing labs. You have the option of professional liquid test kits or digital testers.

  • 17. Pool Covers

Pool covers are used to block debris and sunlight. This will also provide safety for children and pets by avoiding accidents and also ensure energy savings when the pool is closed.

  • 18. Digital Tools

There are also a lot of digital tools which can help in maintaining the effectiveness of the pool and some of them are Pool Automation, Pool Service Software, Pool Service Mobile Tablets, Business Valuation Calculators, Flow Rate Calculators, and Pipe Volume Calculators.

Conclusion On Pool Cleaning Equipment For Swimming Pool Cleaning Business

Whether you are owning a commercial pool or a private pool, the cleaning system should be properly maintained. For your health and hygiene, pools also must be clean along with the surroundings. There are many pool cleaning methods you should know to clean your pools effectively.

This is the main purpose of YES Automation, the best cleaning machine supplier in UAE. Not only in UAE, but we are also providing services in the entire GCC. We will educate you, guide you, and will give you the best services.

The best machines YES Automation supply for pool cleaning are;

  • 1.Clubliner plus

Please contact our company, book an appointment, visit our showroom and evaluate the performance directly from our demo section, and avail of our service anytime.

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