Swimming Pool Cleaning Machine Reviews – Surprising Facts

Swimming Pool Cleaning Machine Reviews – Surprising Facts

Swimming is great exercise. Not only it provides health benefits to your body but also it provides great relaxation to your mind. Who doesn’t love to dive into a beautiful swimming pool? To keep up the beauty of the pool, regular maintenance is required, be it a residential pool or a public swimming pool.

Hence a great responsibility of proper cleaning and maintenance comes along with any swimming pool. Else, it will affect the beauty and safety of the pool and surrounding areas. Cleaning a swimming pool, no matter what size and shape, used to be a laborious task back in the old days, but not anymore.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Machine Reviews – Facts

Technology has developed and so in the case of cleaning machines and techniques available for swimming pool cleaning. Various models of swimming pool cleaning robots, commercial pool cleaners specifically designed for pools in commercial areas are available today.

Top Reasons To Clean Your Swimming Pool

Maintaining a swimming pool is highly required as it can contribute to entertainment, exercise and much more. Some of the most important reasons for regularly cleaning and maintaining the swimming pool includes:

  • Long life
  • Hardly Any Restorations
  • Maintains Clean Water
  • Enhances Visual Beauty
  • Improved Operation

The following things will result when a swimming pool is not cleaned and maintained properly.

  • Drainage Clogging

Clogged drains are always a huge concern and headache when you own a swimming pool. This can result in even burning out your swimming pool motor thereby having to spend a huge amount to fix it. Hence it’s important to check your drains regularly and clean it.

  • Algae

Absence of regular cleaning will result in green tinge in water which is Algae. Many solutions are available in today’s market that can be used in swimming pools while cleaning to prevent algae.

  • Sickness

Skin, eye, ear and respiratory ailments can be resulted when using a swimming pool that’s not regularly cleaned and maintained.

Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

Its for sure that by reading the aforesaid points, you have understood the importance of swimming pool cleaning. Let’s discuss the points to be considered while cleaning the swimming pool.

  • Remove Dirt And Debris

Dirt and debris would include leaves, hair, insects etc. that can be removed by a long skimmer. Cleaning pools at least once a week will help eliminate all the dirt and debris. Special swimming pool machines are available which help to clean the dirt and debris.

  • Filter Cleaning

It’s fundamental to keep the swimming pool water clean and clear as it will contribute to the health and safety of the users and the surroundings. Filters help you to keep the swimming pool clean to a certain extent. Hence its important to check the filters regularly and replace it if required to make sure the pool is always clean.

  • Water Testing

In addition to the products and solutions available, testing strips are available in the market to check the levels of various elements in water.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Machines

Technology has very well evolved in the case of cleaning machines for swimming pools. There are many swimming pool cleaning machinery suppliers like YES Clean who deal with companies like Mariner 3S AG who develop automated swimming pool cleaning robots effective for indoor, outdoor as well as natural swimming pool cleaning. Using these types of machines will help you keep your swimming pool clean and attractive for the long term without much effort.

Let’s investigate the different models of Swimming Pool Cleaners available in today’s market.

  • Hand-held Swimming Pool Cleaner

These are simple and less complicated portable cleaning machines that work on batteries and are suitable to clean small swimming pools. Since it’s hand-held, you are free from the hassle of pulling cables and sockets and enables freedom of movement.

  • Clubliner

Designed specifically for swimming pools up to 25m long, it helps to clean floors and paddling pools as well where there is a water depth of 20cm. It's also capable of cleaning the walls of the pools.

  • Clubliner Plus

Equipped with a sensor, this automatic cleaning machine is one of the world’s fastest swimming pool cleaning machinery with options for cleaning in H,N and X pattern as well as being capable of sensing obstacles while cleaning.

  • Proliner

Proliner swimming pool cleaning robots are designed for pools more than 25m long. The specialty of these swimming pool cleaning machines is its high suction power, huge capacity of the filter, admirable cleaning efficiency, intelligence in operating automatically and being able to operate the machine effortlessly.

  • Proliner Plus

Unlike the Proliner, Proliner Plus is built with a sensor and is capable of functioning in H, N and X patterns in swimming pools greater than 25m long. The sensor enables the machine to travel in parallel paths and detect any obstacle. The function of H pattern in this machine is patented and it’s one of the world’s fastest cleaning systems available. In addition, the machine is equipped with a radio sensor which will contribute to easy navigation of the machine.

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  • Proliner Navi3

This intelligent model, aimed at cleaning Olympic swimming pools and water theme parks, will clean effectively and efficiently with the help of its rotating brushes and patented drive program. Perfect for swimming pools up to 400 sqm area, this cleaning machine can be vouched for heavy day-to-day cleaning and is highly durable. The built-in sensor allows you to sense any obstacles and evades it securely. This wizard is capable of cleaning large pools in a considerably very short time.

  • Proliner Tube

The normal filter capacity will be insufficient in the case of cleaning heavily polluted water. There are chances of filters getting clogged and Proliner Tube comes to rescue here. Instead of making use of a filter to take away the dirt, this swimming pool cleaning machine makes use of a tube which helps to pump the dirty water out.

  • Proline Natur

Biofilms are often developed in natural pools and if not maintained well, these biofilms can contribute to the growth of various allergens. Hence, it’s highly important that these biofilms be removed properly. This Swiss made cleaning wizard is the right choice in areas where high pressure cleaning is required. The active mechanism of this machine will help dissolve the biofilm, then aspirate and transport the biofilm to a filter box thereby filtrating it. Thus, the dirt is removed effectively from the pool without the water being replaced.

Conclusion On Swimming Pool Cleaning Machine Reviews – Surprising Facts

We discussed the different world-class models of swimming pool cleaning machines available. It's crucial to study the facilities offered in the different models and choose the right machine. Also, be wise enough to choose a brand like YES Automation based in UAE who are one of the leaders in the supply of commercial and industrial cleaning machines in middle-east that offers good after-sales services and guarantees for machine parts.

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